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Costco's Frozen Strawberries Are A Great Buy. Here's Why
By Stacie Adams
Costco is known for its amazing deals on bulk goods, generous free samples, and a fully stocked food court. Grocery staples typically offer the biggest savings at the warehouse club, such as pasta, condiments, and eggs, with frozen berries being an especially great buy.
Kirkland Signature Organic Strawberries are available in 3-pound packages for just $9.99, which is a much better bargain than buying fresh. While fresh berries are priced slightly lower, usually about $1.50 to $5 per pound depending on the time of the year you purchase them, frozen berries last as long as 10 to 18 months when stored properly.
When it comes to nutrition, strawberries provide essential minerals and vitamins to support bodily functions like blood pressure regulation and immune system support. Frozen strawberries can also be used in a variety of recipes and preparations, including desserts, smoothies, cakes, pies, and even savory dressings for salad.