The exterior of a Costco wholesale store.
Costco's Custom Cake Ordering Process Is Unexpectedly Archaic
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
One popular treat that brings people back to Costco is their cake, but while the taste may be great, the ordering process is not.
Instead of calling or filling out an online form, if you want to order a cake at Costco, you'll have to walk into the store, fill out a paper form, and drop it off at the bakery.
At Costco's bakery section, you'll notice what looks like a bulletin board hanging over a white box. This is the cake kiosk where you'll place and send your order.
Here, you'll find a piece of paper where you can choose the shape and flavor of the cake, pick your design, and add any words you want as decoration.
Fill out the form as clearly as possible, and drop it in the slot on the kiosk. Two days later, you can return and pick up your cake from the bakery.
It doesn't look like Costco plans to update its cake-ordering system any time soon, so we're all taking a trip back in time if we want to order Costco cakes.