A shopper displays her Costco Wholesale membership card
Costco Shoppers Are Younger Than Sam's Club Shoppers Because Of TikTok
By Arianna Endicott
Even with its 848 warehouses, 120.9 million cardholding members, and reputation for selling in bulk, Costco doesn’t hold a monopoly, as its competitor Sam’s Club has 600 locations. While there may be some division over which store shoppers prefer, Costco has one demographic covered — younger shoppers, all thanks to social media.
Costco has developed a large social media fanbase, particularly on TikTok, where seven out of 10 reported users fell between the ages of 18 and 19 years old. The tag #costco has 7.8 billion views, and CNBC reported that the average Costco shopper is younger and tends to have a higher income than the average Sam's Club shopper.
In August 2022, Entrepreneur reported that TikTok went crazy for big-name brands that could be found at Costco, and an entire account, @costcocouture, was created for these finds. Moreover, TikTok has a massive #beautytips following, and Costco doesn’t disappoint in that department, with one post of its Beauty Blender dupe garnering nearly 80,000 likes.