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Costco Shoppers Are Pumped To Try Its Frozen Crab Rangoon
By Amanda Tarlton
Costco Buys recently announced a new frozen Crab Rangoon with Thai Chili Sauce on their Instagram. Each package contains 24 bite-sized treats made with sustainably-sourced snow crab meat, and they have 330 calories per 6-piece serving.
Plenty of fans shared their opinions of the new crab rangoon on Instagram, with one saying, "Oooh, we love these from the restaurant! Can't wait to try a home version!" However, despite the excitement surrounding the new release, some shoppers are criticizing the post for claiming the dish is delicious without having tried it.
There's a Reddit thread cautioning other Costco shoppers from buying the crab rangoon, with one person commenting, “These were so terrible, inedible really. The dough is thick pastry, entirely inappropriate for rangoon. The filing [sic] was bland and dry.” However, there were some people on Reddit who said the crab rangoon wasn't as bad as others say.