Fullerton, California, USA - April 3, 2018: Costco entrance storefront in Fullerton, California. Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership warehouses, carrying brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices.
Costco Shoppers Are Noticing A Strange 'Soapy' Taste To
Rotisserie Chicken
By Brianna Corley
Costco’s notoriously cost-effective chickens bring flocks of people into its stores and, thus, flocks of money into its pockets. However, shoppers recently noticed something afoot, reporting that rotisserie chickens they bought from Costco had a soap-like flavor.
One Redditor found their recently purchased bird had "a distinct chemical flavor to it,” with another stating it tasted "chemically and soapy." Fortunately, some self-identified Costco employees were able to provide a little insight into what might be going on with the chain's chickens.
The chain reportedly gets its chickens from its Nebraska-based facility as well as Foster Farms, and one employee claimed that while the former’s chickens taste good, the latter’s do not. To solve this, one of the associates suggested asking your Costco's chicken employees which of the birds is the '"good" one, as there's an excellent chance they'll know exactly what you mean.