402065 08: A shopper displays her Costco Wholesale membership card as she enters a Costco Wholesale store March 8, 2002 in Niles, IL. Warehouse retailer Costco Wholesale Corp. has reported higher quarterly profits as the promise of bulk goods at bargain prices resonated with consumers in the U.S. recession. Warehouse retailers charge customers an annual membership fee, typically $35 to $45, to shop at clubs that offer deep discounts on bulk quantities of items like food and household cleaners. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
Costco Employees Don't Get This Common Retail Perk
By Mikala Lugen
If you do your shopping at Costco, then you already know about the benefits that come with a membership. Costco employees also get some pretty sweet perks, but surprisingly, the company doesn't give its workers a privilege that most other retail chains do — but what Costco employees do get instead might make up for it.
Costco actually does not give their employees a discount on products when they come to shop at the store. However, Costco workers do get special hours to do their shopping before or after the public is allowed into the store, allowing them to shop in a non-crowded Costco with access to a fully-stocked inventory.
Costco workers also enjoy affordable health care for both full-time and part-time employees, retirement plans, paid vacation and sick leave, and life insurance policies. One Costco employee on Quora shared that workers get four free membership cards, and a lifetime membership card after working for 25 years.