Crumbled fudge striped cookies in whipped cream.
Cookie Salad Really Checks All The Boxes For A Delightfully Sweet Dessert
By Elizabeth Thorn
When we think of salads, we think of leafy greens, but in the heart of the Midwest, a heavenly take on salad swaps traditional veggies for something sweeter: cookies.
Originating in Minnesota, cookie salad became a beloved staple for any potluck or family gathering, but there are many variations of the classic recipe.
Cookbook author Molly Yeh says the "classic version" uses Keebler fudge-striped cookies, Cool Whip, vanilla pudding, buttermilk, and canned mandarin oranges or sliced bananas.
To upgrade the ingredients, Yeh told Taste of Home she loves "to make all the ingredients from scratch," including the fudge-striped shortbread cookies and a whipped topping.
If you're not a fan of Fudge Stripe cookies, substitute them with a selection of cookies that are both crispy and chewy, like chocolate chip, Oreos, or Samoas.
You can also use canned mango, peaches, or a general fruit cocktail mix. Instead of crumbled cookies on top, opt for crushed peanuts or pretzels.
For different flavors in the whipped cream dressing, you can experiment with adding cocoa powder or espresso for a mocha-infused variation or add a touch of caramel or maple syrup.