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Commercials Helped Spark Grandparents' Love For Werther's Original
By Chase Shustack
Werther's Originals caramels were created in 1909 by Gustav Nebel in the town of Werther, Germany, but now, the buttery sweet delights are often found in dusty glass dishes at your grandparent's house. The brand seems to have a grip on the oldest generation of Americans, so you may wonder what it is about older people and these caramels that go together so well.
In a Werther's commercial from the '80s, an elderly grandfather reminisces about the good times he shared with his grandfather eating Werther's candies, explaining that nowadays, he shares the caramels with his grandson. This ad and the marketing focused on being a "good grandparent" helped encourage seniors across the nation to load up on Werther's caramels.
Werther's marketing strategy took a new direction in the 2010s, as the company believed that the old grandfather reflected a time that no longer applied to more modern traditions. Recently, the brand has replaced the classic "grandfather and grandson" duo with a father who gives his son a Werther's Original before dropping him off at school.