Juicy ripe cloudberry northern and sugar in a small glass jar on a wooden background
Cloudberries Are Whimsical Fruits You May Never Get To Try
By Allie Sivak
Cloudberries are rare and coveted berries that are foraged in the boreal forests of countries like Finland, Norway, and Russia. They also grow in Alaska and Canada.
Sometimes called "Arctic gold," the perennial fruit has a juicy clustered appearance, similar to small raspberries, and a vivid orange hue.
Cloudberries are juicy, tart, and sweet like other berries, and some describe the taste as slightly bitter and even savory once cooked over low heat.
They grow on stems of fruiting flowers that crop up year after year in the spring, and they’re ripe and ready for picking in July.
Cloudberries are found few and far between, making them quite prized by local foragers and artisan chefs alike, and there are often regulations when it comes to picking them.
While they are usually eaten on their own, you can use them in desserts like cobblers and mini fruit-filled pies, or in savory dishes, such as chicken salads.
If you want to try the delicate fruit out for yourself but live somewhere where they don't grow, you can buy cloudberry jam at specialty food stores or online.