Bowl of adobo sauce next to chipotle peppers and garlic heads
Chipotle Peppers Are An Easy Way To Give Barbecue A Spicy Kick
By Julia Mullaney
The smoky heat of chipotle peppers blends perfectly with barbecue sauce's natural tangy sweetness, creating a sweet and spicy blend you’ll want to put on everything.
Chipotles are jalapeños that stay on the vine until they turn from green to red. They’re then dried out and smoked, which gives them their distinct flavor while retaining their heat.
They can rank anywhere from 2,500 Scoville units to 10,000, so make sure to add the peppers into the sauce in small quantities at first so that it doesn't become too hot to handle.
Balancing the sweet and spicy is the ultimate goal when adding chipotles, so it’s good to have some brown sugar (or another sweetener, like honey or molasses) on hand.
In case you do add more chipotles than necessary, add a bit of brown sugar to balance things out, and taste test accordingly.