Homemade rustic organic pickled cherry peppers on wooden table
Cherry Bombs: The Hot Cherry Peppers That'll Upgrade Any Italian Dish
By Julia Mullaney
Plenty of Italian dishes can be elevated by hot cherry peppers, or “cherry bombs.” These peppers are pickled in vinegar and jarred, and they are available at most grocery stores.
While the hot cherry peppers have plenty of spice — which can be slightly reduced if you remove the seeds — they also contain a slightly sweet element upon the first bite.
It’s this slight sweetness that pairs perfectly with several Italian delicacies, such as Italian meats and cheeses, meaning the peppers work wonderfully in salads and subs.
As a side dish or appetizer, cherry bombs can be stuffed with a cube of provolone wrapped in prosciutto. To tone down the spiciness, you can soak them in cold water beforehand.
They also work well sliced and sautéed; slicing them helps to distribute their heat evenly throughout a dish. Toss them with garlic and olive oil, and add them to any pasta dish.
The hot cherry peppers are a great addition to a charcuterie board, either by stuffing them with a cheese mixture or used as a spread to pair with sweet jam and cheese.