Fresh dark red cherry flying in the air isolated on white background.
Chelan Cherries Are The Variety You Need For A Totally Sweet Snack
By Arianna Endicott
Chelan cherries grow just like regular cherries, but their outer skin is a deep, mahogany red color, which is darker than standard cherries.
These cherries are a bit firmer than other varieties, making for a satisfying bite with each one. The juice of these cherries is also ultra-sweet and contains around 17-18% sugar.
The Chelan cherry is a hybrid of the Stella and Beaulieu cherries. It was named after the Washington town in which it was created, and it also grows in Canada and Australia.
They are more resistant to cracking, which happens when the water pressure on the fruit splits open the exterior skin. This gives them a longer shelf-life than other varieties.
Since Chelan cherries are sweeter than other varieties, you may want to cut down on the added sugar in your favorite cherry pie recipe to accommodate the flavor.
You could can the cherries for the future, or cook them down for use in a jam or cherry sauce for ice cream and cakes. Of course, you can simply enjoy them as a snack as well.