A cheeseburger on a white background.
Cheeseburger In
A Can: You
Should Think
Twice Before
Eating One
By Haldan Kirsch
Invented by the Swiss company Trekking Mahlzeiten, a cheeseburger in a can is exactly what it sounds like, an entirely assembled cheeseburger inside a can.
One may wonder whether this product is safe to be consumed and can be depended on as a shelf-stable option, as it is only recommended for consumption within 12 months.
This is nothing in canned food years. The USDA claims that most canned foods are good indefinitely when properly prepared and are typically safe for years after manufacture.
None of the reports detail whether the meat goes through a sterilization process. Also, bread needs special additives to be considered safe for preservation.
There's nothing definite that makes this novel approach to an American classic unsafe, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be met with some skepticism by would-be diners.