Stalks of celery
Celery Marinades Can Seriously Amplify Meat Tenderness
By Elaina Friedman
Overly acidic meat marinades can cause the outer layers of meat to turn mushy. This makes celery marinades a great alternative, as they tenderize meat well.
Kerth Gumbs, head chef of the London restaurant Fenchurch told The Guardian: “For juicy, tender meat, blend fresh celery and add it to your marinades.”
Gumbs says this “helps to tenderize the meat before cooking, giving you the perfect flavor.” While he doesn’t provide measurements, a stalk or two of celery should suffice.
While there isn’t much scientific research on celery’s meat-tenderizing properties, many testimonials suggest it can tenderize the meat and prevent it from drying out.
A 2013 study by the National Library of Medicine found that celery contains apigenin, an enzyme that fights inflammation in the gut and may help tenderize meat.