Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Celebrate National PB&J Day With The Perfect Sandwich Wine Pairing
By Arianna Endicott
National PB&J Day takes place annually on April 2, and even though this sandwich is traditionally a youthful classic often found in lunchboxes of school-aged children nationwide, it can be easily dressed up for a more mature palate. If the kids are tucked into bed, you can easily elevate a PB&J to a more adult level by pairing it with a glass of wine.
In a 2020 episode of “Wine School,” Food & Wine's executive wine editor Ray Isle talked to Hallie Tarpley about pairing her peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich with a white wine. Isle suggested a Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling, and while the sweetness of the jelly might dull that of the wine, the combination of flavors will make them complementary.
Isle also suggested avoiding more bitter drinks when eating sweet foods because it could make the drink taste unpleasant. If you don't want to drink a full glass of wine alongside your sandwich but you're still craving a more adult edge to your meal, you could swap out your jam for some wine jelly, which uses wine alongside fruit to add an additional flavor profile.