Pot of caramel sauce
Carla Hall's Tip For Making Homemade Caramel A Breeze
By Heather Newman
Homemade caramel can be hard to perfect, as sugar is notorious for burning if you take your eyes away for a second and time consuming to get to the perfect golden color. Making caramel doesn't have to be tricky though, as chef Carla Hall has you covered with an insanely easy trick that ensures you get perfect caramel every time you make it.
Caramel is just sugar that's heated through the caramelization process, but where it can get difficult is how quickly sugar burns. To combat this, Hall suggests, "When making caramel, cover the pan with a glass lid. The steam washes the sides of the pan to keep the sugar from crystallizing, and because the lid is glass, you can see when the sugar starts to color."
There are two basic methods of making caramel: the wet and dry methods. Both of these methods consist of heating your sugar on the stovetop, but in the wet method, the sugar is melted into the water first, while the dry method forgoes water and heats the sugar directly until it melts. The glass lid suggestion will help you with whichever method you pick.