Fried onions.
Canned Fried Onions Are Great For So Much More Than Green Bean Casserole
By Megan Anderson
Canned fried onions are mainly associated with green bean casseroles and the holidays, but rather than relegate them to the pantry the rest of the year, try them in other recipes.
When Reckitt Benckiser, the parent company that owned French's until 2017, wanted to increase sales, it promoted a Crispy Onion Chicken recipe in 2005.
This dish was designed as an easy, family-friendly weeknight dinner starring French's Fried Onions. However, this ingredient is good for so much more than baked dishes.
You can put them on sandwiches, use them to top soups and salads, or add them to tacos. Swap breadcrumbs for the crispy onions on pasta or macaroni and cheese.
Nearly any savory dish can be garnished with canned fried onions to add flavor and texture. They're ready-made and easy to add, making them a great way to improve many meals.