An opened can with clams inside
Canned Clams Are The Versatile Pantry Staple You Should Start Getting
By Sarah Richter
Although canned clams aren't a great substitute for whole, fresh littleneck clams, they open up a whole new delicious, practical, and healthy culinary world.
Canned clams are convenient, shelf-stable, and last for several years, so you can stock up and have clams ready to go when you are.
The clams come in small pieces perfect for homemade linguine with clam sauce, clam chowder, or clam dip. You can also add the clam juice for an extra hit of salt.
The price of buying canned clams is slightly reduced compared to the fluctuating price of fresh seafood, which includes both the shells and the meat.
Unlike when buying pounds of fresh clams, there's no risk of getting a bad clam, limiting food waste. Canned clams are also pre-cooked, so you won't consume undercooked shellfish.