Ice cream isolated on white background.
Canadian Costcos Are Testing New Soft-Serve Cones And Reddit
Is Pumped
By Brianna Corley
According to a Reddit thread, Canada's Costcos are testing not one but two soft-serve flavors that have left the website in an uproar of excitement. While many Americans have been left, as one Redditor reports, crying "in U.S. food court," Canadian Redditors could not be more pumped to try the two flavors.
According to the Reddit thread, the two treats Canadian Costcos are taking for a test drive feature a vanilla ice cream base blended with chunks of either Oreo or Skor, a crunchy chocolate and toffee candy that’s a Canadian favorite. The ice cream flavors cost $4.99 to sample, but Redditors seem to think the two items are worth the price.
An Oreo ice cream clocks in at 920 calories per 13.5-ounce serving, and the Skor version contains 980 calories, which led one Redditor to write, "Oh no. This would be no good for my self control." According to the Reddit thread, these high-calorie treats are being tested at the Ottawa, Blair, Nepean, and Gatineau Costco locations.