Advertisement for None Such Baking Powder by Geo. C. Hanford in Syracuse, New York, 1881. (Photo by Jay Paull/Getty Images)
Can You Use Expired Baking Powder?
By Camryn Teder
As with most kitchen products, the year listed on your baking powder tells you how long the product will hold before its quality diminishes. In other words, you can still use baking soda after its expiration date, but it might be less effective.
Once you open the box it will usually stay fresh for three to six months if kept in a cool, dry place. MasterClass says that most unopened boxes of baking powder have a long shelf life of around 18 months and will always be safe to use.
Of course, you should ensure it still works before incorporating it into your batter, and you can test your baking powder's efficiency by stirring it into hot water. It is still effective and ready to use if bubbles or fizz appear, but if not, then you should pick up a new box.