Cured meat on a long serving dish
Can You Really Store 'Shelf-Stable' Cured Meats In The Pantry?
By C.A. Pinkham
It's not an exaggeration to say that shelf-stable foods—food that can be stored for long periods without refrigeration—are one of the most important discoveries in human history. It’s important to know which products can be kept in the pantry and which should be refrigerated, especially when it comes to cured meats.
Chef Donatella Arpaia says, "Cured meats, such as hard Italian salami, should never
be kept in the pantry and should be refrigerated in butcher paper instead." She continued, "Although many say 'shelf stable,' leaving it in the pantry dries the meat out. In addition, there have been studies showing the presence of food-borne illnesses, so
play it safe and put it in the fridge."
Not just chefs, but also food safety experts at the National Center For Home Food Preservation, agree that salami, prosciutto, and other cured foods should be kept in the refrigerator; this is true not only of domestic cured meats but also international meats. When it comes to food storage, everyone should listen to the professionals.