Red onion slices against a white background.
Can You Really Slice An Onion Quickly With A Vegetable Peeler?
By Lauren Wood
Chopping onions can be unnerving, mainly because of their potent, acidic aroma that can make your eyes tear and make it hard for you to see what you're doing, thereby leading to injuries. Thankfully, TikTok has a quick and easy onion-cutting hack that eliminates those hazards while yielding super-thin slices.
The TikTok video — posted by the account @casa_tips and has been viewed nearly 94 million times — shows the user piercing a pre-trimmed red onion with a fork before quickly moving a veggie peeler across the top. As the peeler rapidly saws through the onion, sliced layers of transparent rings fall into a neat pile.
As the user elaborates in sequential videos, you must pierce the onion near the bottom with the fork facing down and then offset the veggie peeler's alternating motion by pushing the end of the utensil against the counter. To even the cuts out on the top, transfer the peeler from left to right until the onion is almost gone, and then flip it over and repeat.