Can You Really Cook A Steak In
A Toaster?
By Kalea Martin
Most people would never think to use a toaster for cooking steak; given that it's designed for one type of food — bread — a toaster isn’t the most versatile appliance. However, in a TikTok with over 15 million views, user @itsmeju1iette demonstrates how she’s able to cook two steaks by sticking them in a toaster as if they were slices of bread.
Bon Appétit tested the method, and while cooking a steak in the toaster technically works, it doesn’t work as well as traditional methods. The toaster caramelizes the steak's exterior, but the inside remains rare, which happens because toasters can only reach a maximum of 350 degrees, and steak needs 450 to 500 degrees of direct heat.
Gordon Ramsay reacted to the viral TikTok, saying, "Toast is for bread, and right now if I had two slices, I'd stick them on your ears, you idiot. And now you're going to cover it in sauce. Really?" Insider explains that the salt and juices that drip off a steak can be dangerous inside a toaster, and the London fire department even warned the public about it on Twitter.