SANTA ANA, CA - APRIL 01: An early version of the iconic Doritos corn chip was made in Anaheim. As the story goes, an Anaheim food plant, Alex Foods, made taco shells for Casa de Fritos, a Frito-Lay sponsored restaurant at Disneyland. A salesman from Alex Foods suggested the Frontierland restaurant cut and fry the leftover tortillas and serve them as a toasted snack. The traveling Frito-lay executives liked what they saw and tapped Alex Foods to produce the seasoned corn chips for Frito-Lay. 


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Food items made in Orange County include Doritos, frozen burritos and CHocolate chip cookies.


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Can You Get Gluten-Free Doritos?
By Jill Robbins
In 2019, a study by the University of Nebraska found that nearly a fourth of Americans eat gluten-free due to a bonafide ailment, like Celiac disease, a self-diagnosed gluten sensitivity, or just personal choice. You may wonder if you can find gluten-free Doritos, and the answer is complicated as, according to Frito-Lay, only one variety of Doritos is gluten-free.
Frito-Lay only claims that the Simply Organic White Cheddar Flavored Tortilla Chips are gluten-free, but also lists Doritos' Toasted Corn Chips as gluten-free as the classic Nacho Cheese Doritos don't include wheat or gluten-containing products in the ingredient list. also gives a long list of Doritos that don't contain wheat, rye, oat, or barley.
Frito-Lay will only declare its items as gluten-free if they meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's guidelines or if there's no possible chance of cross-contamination. Production lines and equipment used to make Doritos may also be used to manufacture snack foods containing gluten, so you will have to decide if probably gluten-free is okay or safe for you.