Potatoes and sliced potato chips.
Can You Eat Potatoes On A Paleo Diet?
By Crystal Antonace
Paleo dieters strive to eat the same foods as prehistoric humans did 10,000 to over 2 million years ago, adhering strictly to the cardinal rule of no processed or packaged foods. However, being naturally high in carbohydrates — with one 5.2-ounce potato containing 26 grams — makes potatoes a controversial food for paleo eaters.
Because the roots are digested fast and carry a high "glycemic load," Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health refuses to add potatoes to its list of healthy vegetables. However, in 2016, the Paleo Foundation conducted extensive research on the white potato and concluded that white potatoes are natural whole foods that can be enjoyed on a paleo diet.
With minimal processing, the inclusion of potatoes is especially encouraged as they provide many nutritional benefits including high counts of potassium and vitamin C. The claims against potatoes may have initially caused you to question the health benefits of carbohydrates, yet some experts suggest the exclusion of certain foods may do more harm than good.