Flying crispy potato chips isolated on white background
Can You Actually Make Mashed Potatoes From Potato Chips?
By Alexander Billet
For the past few years, TikTok users have been using potato chips to make mashed potatoes, but many doubt if it's actually as good as it sounds.
Potato chips undergo processes like baking or frying and become quite dehydrated. Adding something like boiling water can aid in rehydrating them.
Due to their pre-sliced and cooked nature, preparing potato chips for mashed potatoes requires less time compared to fresh, whole potatoes.
Therefore, converting a bag of potato chips into a delicious bowl of mashed potatoes is indeed possible, and the method is relatively straightforward.
Begin by boiling a generous handful of potato chips in water. Typically, the ratio should be around three ounces of chips for one cup of water.
Use a fork to mash the softened chips, and then incorporate butter, cream, and any desired seasonings to create a hearty bowl of mashed potatoes.
A writer at Buzzfeed compared the plain chip version of the hack with a recipe using crinkle-cut sour cream and onion chips boiled in chicken stock.
They wrote that the second recipe "was thicker, creamier, and generally more similar to mashed potatoes in terms of the texture [...] as for the flavor, it was disturbingly good."
If you're in a rush and can't think of what seasonings to add, you can also try experimenting with different flavors of chips as the base for your mashed potatoes.