Closeup of bratwurst on a plate.
Can Bratwurst Be Made In An Air Fryer?
By Chase Shustack
According to Patty Catalino of The Kitchn, it's possible to cook bratwursts in an air fryer, and doing so makes them golden and juicy every time.
Thanks to the air fryer's generous cooking capacity, you can cook many bratwursts at once in a shorter amount of time than cooking them on a grill.
If you have pre-cooked bratwursts, cook them at 360 degrees for seven minutes, then flip them to cook for another seven minutes.
Line them up in a single layer to make flipping them easier and ensure that the bratwursts cook more evenly.
For uncooked bratwursts, line them up in a single layer in the basket and cook for 14 minutes, flipping them at the eight-minute mark to brown equally on all sides.
You may also want to puncture the skin with a fork as the juices that build up inside may cause the skin to rupture and the meat to "blow out."