Orange colored smoke obscures the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena, CA during an evening brush fire.
California Doesn't Actually Have
An Official
State Food
By Kelly Douglas
Many US states have an official food that represents how its people eat, but despite California’s love for avocados and burritos, it has yet to establish an official state food.
When we think of "California" food, we probably immediately picture avocados, but there’s so much more to California, and each region of the state has its signature dishes.
L.A. has an abundance of street tacos and burritos, and it's also the birthplace of the Cobb salad, while San Francisco is known for its sourdough bowls full of clam chowder.
In more agricultural parts of the state, fruits and veggies rule the roost. The town of Gilroy is considered "the garlic capital of the world" for its extensive garlic production.
Approximately one-fifth of states don’t have an official food, and former California Governor Pete Wilson has said that California is simply "too diverse" to choose one.