Crispy Chicken Parmesan with sauce
By Layering Strategically, You Can Avoid Soggy Chicken Parm
By Betsy Parks
While chicken parmesan is typically layered with the chicken cutlet first, then tomato sauce, and topped with cheese, this method can make the chicken crust soggy while heating up.
America's Test Kitchen says that layering the cheese on top of the chicken first creates a "waterproof layer between the crust and the sauce," preventing soggy chicken.
Make sure you use a good amount of cheese so that when it melts, it pools around the edges of the chicken cutlet, making it nice and crispy.
You can also use two layers of cheese — one on top of the chicken and one broiled on top of the sauce. With this method, you get both crispy chicken and browned cheese.
If you want even more cheese, stuff your chicken parm cutlet with mozzarella or a mix of Italian cheeses. This also helps to prevent it from drying out.