Burger King storefront
Burger King Is Offering A Dessert Burger For Lent (But You'll Have To Travel To Denmark)
By David Tran
Burger King's fish sandwich is a great meal option for Catholics who give up meat during the season of Lent. However, if you visit Denmark, Sweden, or other nearby countries during the season of Lent, you'll be surprised to find that Burger King restaurants also serve a dessert burger for Lent, inspired by a Nordic sweet treat.
The Semla Burger is Burger King's spin on a classic Swedish dessert called semla, consisting of "a layer of marzipan cream, a brownie 'patty,' and a layer of whipped cream, all sandwiched between two halves of a pearl-sugar-topped cardamom bun," according to Brand Eating. Swedish TikTok personality @pikusiowie said, "It's mostly sweet. [The] almonds and brownie could have more intense flavor."
Semla is a dessert bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream topped with cardamom, typically eaten on Shrove Tuesday (also known as Fat Tuesday) or Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday. Although you may not be able to try a Semla Burger outside of Europe, you can make yourself a semla in the comfort of your home.