Cheerios cereal
Buffalo, New York Prides Itself
On Smelling
Like Cheerios
By Ceara Milligan
Cheerios, the itty-bitty rings of joy that have been filling cereal bowls for more than 80 years, are among the best things to come from Buffalo, New York, let alone the entire U.S. If you ever get the chance to visit the lakefront metropolis (or perhaps if you're a resident), you're sure to get a whiff of toasted oaty goodness carried by the Lake Erie breeze.
In addition to Cheerios, Buffalo is the birthplace of the steam-powered grain elevator, which helped the cereal become so popular. Dart’s Elevator was invented in 1842, and even though it burned down in 1864, more were built, including one now owned by General Mills.
Buffalo recently earned a spot on Expedia's list of the nation's top 10 smelliest cities, as the fragrance of Cheerios provides natives and tourists with a sense of comforting nostalgia, and Buffaloans are proud of it too. Residents often sport T-shirts and other merch items that read, "My city smells like Cheerios!"