A plate of chicken wings on a placemat
Brine Your Chicken Wings For Unbeatable Juiciness
By Heather Newman
Chicken wings are the quintessential party food, which makes sense considering they’re easy to make and easy to customize for large crowds. However, for every delicious plate of wings we've enjoyed, we've all had an equally disappointing plate of dry wings, a problem that you can solve by brining your chicken wings first.
Over the years, brining has become a popular method of keeping cuts of poultry juicy while cooking, including chicken wings. It helps infuse flavor into the meat itself and retains moisture — the salt in the mixture actually changes the structure of the meat's protein, allowing it to hold more liquid.
While all brines work to do the same thing, there are many different types, each bringing something a little different to the table. Wet brine methods include using salt, water, seasonings, and buttermilk, while dry brine methods include rubbing the salt and seasoning directly on the wings and letting them rest.