Studio shot of a man and a women sitting at a table holding colourful cocktails.
'Borgs' Are A New College Party Drinking Trend, But What Are They?
By Kelly Douglas
The latest drinking trend that is sweeping TikTok and becoming a staple at college parties everywhere is called borgs, which involves a gallon bottle and a "hangover-proof" formula. Containing electrolytes to prevent nasty hangover headaches, borgs are a way for college students who love to party to still make it to their morning classes.
Borgs, or “blackout rage gallons,” are individual gallon-sized containers (so that there’s no sharing) that typically contain half water, half vodka, a caffeinated flavor enhancer, and powdered electrolytes. The vodka is heavily diluted, the caffeine keeps students awake as they party, and the electrolytes reduce the impact of any potential hangovers.
Harm reduction specialists have weighed in on the borg fad, who generally feel that they give college students "complete control" over how they drink since they can pace themselves throughout the night. While it's not a solution to binge-drinking, borgs can help prevent drinking too much, all thanks to savvy college students and a years-long pandemic.