Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay.
Bobby Flay Has Mixed Feelings About Sheet Pan Baked Eggs
By Arianna Endicott
Bobby Flay is an expert on all things breakfast, so it’s no surprise that he had something to say about an over-easy-eggs hack that was posted to Food Network’s TikTok.
The TikTok video started with a baking sheet coated in oil, then placed into the oven (the tray should be heated at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for around 15 minutes).
While this was heating, a dozen eggs were cracked into a bowl, and after the tray was pulled from the oven, the eggs were poured onto the tray and seasoned with salt and pepper.
The tray was then placed back into the oven and baked for five minutes, resulting in a sheet full of over-easy eggs with whites that were easy to slice with a spatula.
At first, Flay was dubious that the recipe would be successful, saying his similar attempt in the past had failed. However, after watching it in full, he conceded, “I’ll try that.”