A blue table of nachos and dipping sauces.
Blow Your Party Guests Away By Serving Up An Entire Table
Of Nachos
By Lauren Farkas
Thanks to TikTok, throughout the early 2020s, the internet has been flooded with recipes reaching unprecedented rates of virality. One trend involves a dish big enough to feed large groups, and this crowd-pleasing bulk recipe is incredibly easy to put together and guaranteed to amaze.
Nacho tables are tables completely covered in nacho chips with all of the classic fixin’s, and are not only easy to assemble, but easy to customize to everyone's preferences. While some nacho table curators like to cover all the chips with the works, others prefer to keep everyone's toppings of choice in the center.
Before making a nacho table, assess the size of the crowd and plan the size of the spread accordingly — it’s also wise to make sure no one in attendance is sick so as not to spread germs. Lastly, assigning one ingredient for each guest to bring could be a helpful tactic to lighten the cost of the nacho table.