BJ's Wholesale Club sign.
BJ's Wholesale Club Products You Should Buy Somewhere Else
By Michael R. Stridsberg
1. Eggs
You should skip buying eggs from a warehouse, as buying too many at once might not be the best idea — especially if you can't finish them before they go bad.
2. Spices And Seasonings
While spices don’t technically go bad, they lose flavor and color over time. Buying spices in bulk really isn’t the best investment, as you’re better off with a 2-ounce container.
3. Cheese
At BJ’s, Wellsley Farms Sharp White Cheddar Cheese is 32 ounces. Once opened, it’s good for four weeks, which would mean eating more than a serving a day.
4. Soda
BJ's typically doesn’t have many soda options. Buying soda at a grocery store will get you the exact soda you want at a better price.
5. Dairy-Based Dips And Hummus
Most dips and hummus last a week, which isn't enough time to use up the 28 servings in a Wellsley Farms container. Even if you're buying dip for a party, that's a big ask.