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Believe It Or Not, Goldfish May Be What Your Ice Cream Cones Are Missing
By Elaina Friedman
While Goldfish crackers make an excellent snack on their own, they've also been known to swim in other comestible waters. They can be used as a coating for mozzarella sticks or a topping for macaroni and cheese, but chef Jenny Dorsey also discovered that the cheddar Goldfish make delicious cheesy ice cream cones.
To make the cones, use a food processor to blitz your favorite Goldfish crackers flavor into a fine powder as a replacement for flour, and mix it with large eggs, granulated sugar, whole milk, and unsalted butter until it is "well-mixed and fluffy." Then, scoop the mix onto a waffle maker, press it into a thin crepe-like circle, and roll it onto a paper cone to get the correct shape.
Jenny Dorsey may be the sole captain of the cheddar-cone ship, but a surprising amount of people on the internet recommend other ice-cream-related applications. One Reddit proclaims, "Eating [Goldfish crackers] with ice cream is the best way to get sweet and salty at the same time," while a YouTube channel created a cream-based rolled ice cream treat featuring the cheesy snack.