White egg pattern on light blue background. One different.
Behold The Rare (But Delicious) Charcoal-Cooked Egg
By Stacie Adams
While Americans are most accustomed to eating chicken eggs, other countries have a wider range of animals to choose from, such as the greater rhea, a flightless bird known for being the largest in Argentina. Rhea eggs can be up to ten times heavier than an average chicken egg and can be prepared using a seemingly unusual but effective cooking method.
Begin by making a hole in the top of the eggshell large enough to stick a small implement through, such as a straw, which is used to mix the egg white and yolk. Next, add seasonings like parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper to taste, and relocate to a smoldering mound of charcoal, which should cover the entire bottom half of the rhea egg.
After about five minutes on the charcoal, stir the mixture inside the shell, and repeat the cooking and stirring process until the egg appears poached. At this point, the egg can be eaten from the shell or plated and served.