up close photo of thick cut bacon sizzling in a skillet
Avoid Cooking Bacon On A Cooling Rack At All Costs. Here's Exactly Why
By Chase Shustack
Bacon is a welcomed addition to almost any meal because it’s a versatile ingredient that, depending on how you cook it, can produce a different texture. However, while there are many ways to cook this delicious meat, there is one method you should avoid: using a cooling rack.
When you use a cooling rack rather than a baking sheet, the bacon will not come out crispy and firm as you'd expect it to be, but will instead have a chewy texture. This is because the heat doesn’t move through the bacon properly only cooking one side, while the other boils in grease.
If you must use a cooling rack to cook bacon, however, cover the rack with tin foil and then place the rack on a baking sheet, instead of laying the bacon right across the bare metal of the rack. Take the bacon out of the oven every few minutes and flip it to ensure that the bacon is getting cooked evenly on all sides.