Trajanas In Avgolemono (egg, lemon, kale) is seen on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018 in San Francisco, Calif. (Photo by Russell Yip/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
Avgolemono: The Greek Sauce To Give Any Dish An Eggy Kick
By Cristine Struble
Avgolemono might be a challenging word to pronounce, but it is a light, flavorful Greek sauce that more home cooks may want to discover. It is an egg-lemon sauce that combines a broth or stock with a couple of eggs and lemons, creating a zesty addition to many recipes.
Since eggs are used in the recipe, adding warm broth to the mix could curdle the eggs or cook the egg pieces, which is not appetizing. Start with room-temperature eggs, and be sure to keep the broth warm, not super hot, when bringing the two ingredients together (via My Greek Dish) — vigorously whisk the combination to ensure the sauce is smooth.
The sauce can add acidity to heavier dishes to offer a more balanced bite. While avgolemono is a sauce, it can also be a soup, and whether enjoyed on its own as a meal or used as an accompaniment in other recipes, a drizzle of avgolemono is perfect for bringing a little more richness and zest to the table.