A map of the state of Maine
Are You Brave Enough To Try Mythical Kitchen's 'Maine Pizza'?
By Arianna Endicott
In Mythical Kitchen, chefs Josh Scherer, Nicole Enayati, Vianai Austin, Lily Cousins, and Trevor Evarts host cooking contests, share tips, and dish out creative recipes.
Though Bangor, Maine, isn't typically a part of pizza discussions, a recent video posted by Mythical Kitchen’s TikTok account shows Scherer making a "Bangor-style pizza."
Per Scherer, the "Maine pizza" has an unleavened pizza crust topped with white American cheese and white sauce. It also has vanilla Greek yogurt spread across the cheese and base.
After adding pieces of lobster tail and claw meat over the spread, Scherer tops it with mozzarella cheese and bakes the pizza for 16 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Once the pizza comes out of the oven, Scherer tops it off with maple syrup and crushed peanuts — toppings he claims are in homage to the lumber industry of Bangor, Maine.
Though most pizzas are cut into triangles, this style is typically served in squares. "You wouldn't think it works, but it's truly incredible," Scherer says while eating a piece.
The video left many viewers confused, including people from Maine who had never heard of it. Some ultimately concluded that Scherer was simply making a joke.