bowl and spoonful of mashed potatoes
Are Cracker Barrel's Mashed Potatoes The Real Deal?
By Kalea Martin
Although Cracker Barrel offers two different mashed potato offerings and two types of gravy, the Southern homestyle restaurant doesn't cut corners when making them.
Cracker Barrel refuses to sacrifice the quality of a Southern staple and confirms that its mashed potatoes are made with fresh, not instant, potatoes.
Cracker Barrel has hundreds of locations across the United States, but the chain's core values have never wavered since it first opened in 1969.
Founder Dan Evins started Cracker Barrel with the intention of using high-quality ingredients to serve Southern comfort food that tasted like it was made at home.
Cracker Barrel uses potatoes grown in the U.S. and prepares the mashed potatoes fresh throughout the day rather than in the mornings before service starts.
The potatoes are made in large batches, and Cracker Barrel employees mash the potatoes with an electric mixer to keep up with demand.