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Alton Brown's Brilliant Egg Carton Trick To Avoid Mustard Water Forever
By Kelly Douglas
If you accidentally squeeze that watery, barely-there, nearly empty mustard bottle onto your sandwich, burger, or hot dog, you're in for one soggy sandwich and a disappointing lunch. Thankfully, Alton Brown has just the trick to save your sandwiches, which requires nothing more than a nearly-empty mustard bottle and an item you probably already have in your kitchen.
Brown's little-known trick for kicking mustard water out of your life only requires an empty egg carton and a pair of scissors. In a YouTube video, he cuts an egg carton at the hinges, then tips several bottles of mustard over and places them lid-side-down in the egg carton.
An egg carton has a steady enough base that your mustard will stay securely upside-down when you keep it in your fridge, preventing the bottles from knocking into other containers and flipping over onto their sides. Make sure you have space in your refrigerator for the egg carton and enough height for the mustard bottle before making this nifty little "mustard caddy."