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All You Need Is A Dishwasher Pod To Comfortably Clean Your Oven
By Betsy Parks
Cleaning an oven isn’t always easy, but with a pair of rubber gloves, some hot water, and a dishwashing tablet, you can turn this time-consuming task into a simple one.
For this hack, wet the tablet and use it like a sponge to scrub your oven’s surface. The chemicals in the tablet meant for cleaning dishes will also work well on an oven’s surface.
When the tablet starts to dry out, dip it in the water again. Once the junk is scrubbed off, rinse the inside of the oven with hot water and some dish towels.
It’s essential to wear rubber gloves for this job and not use your bare hands, as the dishwasher tabs are highly alkaline and can cause your hands to burn.
The best tabs for cleaning are the ones made out of pressed powder. Pods made with gel won't give you the abrasive texture needed to scrape away baked-on gunk from the oven walls.