"Bayreuth, Germany aa January 13, 2013: Bottle of a Canadian whisky from the distillery crown royal, limited edition"
All The Foods You Had No Idea Were Invented In Canada Thanks To Crown Royal's Super Bowl 2023 Ad
By Nico Danilovich
Crown Royal, a popular whiskey brand that is arguably Canada’s greatest contribution to the history of whiskey, ran a Super Bowl 2023 commercial featuring Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl. The commercial drew everyone’s attention toward Canada’s greatest gifts to the world, including musicians, comedians, and inventions like paint rollers, replay technology, walkie-talkies, and culinary dishes.
The commercial, with Grohl as its spokesperson, claimed a handful of culinary creations as Canadian inventions, including peanut butter, poutine, instant potatoes, canola oil, Hawaiian Pizza, and even the (technically inedible) egg carton. It turns out that it wasn’t just some sort of Super Bowl hoax designed to bring attention to the whiskey brand.
Grohl has his facts straight — canola oil indeed has a Canadian origin, and so does poutine which originated in Quebec circa the 1950s. Similarly, a Canadian patented peanut butter, a Canadian food scientist invented instant potatoes, a Greek-Canadian first made Hawaiian Pizza, and a British Columbian designed the egg carton to help people avoid breaking eggs.