The original alfajores showing  dulce de leche at the Wooden Table Baking company in Oakland, California, on friday, may 13, 2016. (Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
Alfajores Are The Decadent Toffee-Filled Shortbread You Need To Try
By Nick Johnson
If you're looking to bring your dessert game to the next level, there's a particular type of toffee-filled shortbread that is an absolute must-have. According to Matero, alfajores feature two buttery shortbread cookies, which serve as the bread for a dulce de leche sandwich, a delicious dessert that originated in the eighth-century Middle East and is popular in South America today.
Southern Living tells us that dulce de leche is made by simmering milk and sugar together, resulting in a sweet, sticky paste that is less runny than caramel and perfect for smearing on sweets. When you're enjoying alfajores, the shortbread melts away in your mouth, which allows the dulce de leche to seep in and fill the cracks. 
The basic shortbread setup of alfajores is relatively universal, but you can top the treat with extra sugar to add crunch and flavor or dip it in chocolate. There are also regional versions of alfajores that leave out the dulce de leche altogether and substitute it with other sugary alternatives like honey, molasses, and a cane syrup cream called chancaca.