Exterior of an Olive Garden restaurant.
Aldi's Tuscan Garden Italian Dressing Is A Total Olive Garden Copycat
By Laura Zbinden
Olive Garden's Signature Italian Dressing is so popular that it is sold in 16-ounce bottles for $4 or $5 at Target and Walmart. Aldi offers a similar generic version for just $2.
According to many on Reddit, Aldi's Tuscan Garden Restaurant Style Italian Dressing tastes the same as Olive Garden's, and it is possible that the products actually are the same.
Often many generic foods are manufactured by the same company and in the same factory as the branded products. The generic version is cheaper due to the removal of the brand name.
On an Aldi deals account on Instagram, a photo shows boxes of Olive Garden croutons and Italian dressing in what appears to be an Aldi.
Shoppers noticed that the bottles and contents of both dressings looked almost the same. Still, there is no solid evidence the dressings are identical or made by the same company.
Whether or not Aldi's Italian dressing is exactly the same as Olive Garden's or just close enough that no one can tell the difference, it is a good deal.