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Aftershock: The 90s Cinnamon Liqueur You Might Have Forgotten About
By Heidi Chaya
The 1990s and early 2000s gave us no shortage of wild and wonderful beverages, such as the divisive colorless Crystal Pepsi and the lava lamp-like Orbitz soda with its floating gel balls. While these drinks have been discontinued, some '90s concoctions, such as Aftershock, are keeping their foothold and seeing something of a resurgence.
Aftershock is a flavored liqueur with a viscous consistency produced by Jim Beam that originally came in five flavors. It was initially marketed toward more mature imbibers around 1997, but once it caught on among the younger crowd, they discontinued some varieties and lowered the ABV from 40% to 30% in 2008.
You can still purchase Aftershock from various online liquor purveyors and select stores, and it has positive reviews on, with one customer writing, "Love this cannot get enough of it down my neck." You can pair it with Pepsi Cherry, use it in mixed drinks like Food Network's creamy cinnamon cereal cocktail, or cook it into boozy dishes and desserts to stoke the flames of nostalgia.