BLOOMSBURG, UNITED STATES - 2022/02/10: A view of a McDonald's food restaurant logo sign. (Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Adventurous McDonald's Breakfast Hacks You Need To Try
By Chase Shustack
McDonald's hacks combine two or more items from the menu to make something that will satisfy your appetite. Most of these hacks don't exist officially on McDonald's menu and instead require you to order the components of your creation separately to create your breakfast delicacy.
To make a McCrepe, pour a fruit and yogurt parfait over your average hotcake, and roll it back up to form a very basic and cheap crepe. You can also ask for the McAffogato, a vanilla milkshake infused with espresso, for a simple take on the Italian treat made up of vanilla ice cream and espresso liqueur.
Try ordering your hash browns well-done for a crispy, crunchy potato patty that is fried a little more. To make a version of the discontinued Triple Stack breakfast sandwiches, which featured two sausage patties alongside the other usual toppings, simply ask for another sausage patty on your sandwich for a little extra money.