A heart shaped fried egg.
A Ladle Is The Secret To A Conveniently Perfect Fried Egg
By Betsy Parks
If you want to fry an egg without the hassle of dirtying and cleaning a pan, whip out a metal ladle and a little bit of butter or oil.
Renowned chef Alice Waters ignited the frying an egg on a ladle trend during a "60 Minutes" interview in 2009, where she showed off her custom-made cast iron egg spoon.
While her method sparked some controversy, you can try this method with a standard metal ladle to cook an egg over a gas stove in just a couple of minutes.
Hold a metal ladle with a wide bowl over a burner to warm it up. With your free hand, add a little butter or oil and give the fat a few seconds to heat up before adding the egg.
It's probably a good idea to have your egg cracked into a bowl before you start, just in case you're not good at cracking eggs with one hand.
When the egg begins to cook, swirl it around slightly to keep it from sticking. You'll know it's done once the edges start to look slightly brown and the whites are opaque.